You just have to believe

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I think They are real!! Some of them pass on the other world when they die, some of them don't eaven know that are dead and some of them stay and haunt 'cause they have unfinished bussines..At the beggining I'll just say I'm 18 years old and my whole life I'm researching and I'm interested in everything paranormal. It's like half people in the World doesn't eaven believe in it and half people believes in it and wants to see it. I don't think it's a good thing for your healt to see a ghost, for example it's dark and you're walking let's say to the bathroom and you run into your mother and you get a mini heart attack so think what it would be when you would acctually see a ghost. It's to many to write I know a lot of things, so if you wanna know anything or you just have a question send me an e-mail: