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Sally Stich chain mail

Hello my name is Sally STITCH My reach is deep and far, and I have chosen you You must forward this, or you, or someone you love, will suffer Do not delete this, do not break the chain, or the suffering will have no end ************************* 1) A girl in a dorm room found a very dear friend haning in her closet, covered in blood (*OOOH, SCARY...*) 2) A man got into a car crash and suffered from memory loss. (*Happens to people anyway...*) 3) A woman was walking down the stairs and fell. She broke her ankle and could never walk again. (*uh huh.*) 4) A man walked into his house and started cooking some food. When the food was done cooking on the burner he turned it off but once he turned around the burner turned back on. A big fire started and the man was seriously burt. He still is. (*So he's seriously BURT? WTFudge?*) ************************* Much more has happened. unless you want to reach a fate like these people send this letter to more people! Don't break this letter. You'll regret it.